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This section showcases some project case studies from various regions and sectors.

We also welcome contribution of great cases at local level to strengthen our case study. Please provide your “best practices,” in order for us to develop a quality case study in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s PPP International Centre of Excellence.



Solid waste management Solid Waste Management in Bhutan, United Nations Development Programme

Solid waste management Municipal Solid Waste Management in Wenzhou, China, Asian Development Bank

water supply The Manila Water Company, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (video)

hospital National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI): Hemodialysis Center Project in the Philippines, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (Video: 15'11")

Solid waste management Solid waste management in municipal corporations of Mumbai metropolitan region, University of Mumbai, Munich Personal RePEc Archive

buildings Public Buildings in Mandaéuyong City, Philippines, Special Unit for South-South Cooperation

waste water Public-Private Partnership in Sustainable Development: The Case of Puerto Galera, Philippines, Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNDP, UNOPS

partnership Conflicting cultures: Lessons from a UN-Business Partnership, The Partnering Initiative, International Business Leaders Forum, in partnership with the University of Cambridge Programme for Industry


Northern Africa and the Middle East

solar power Solar Power in Morocco, Special Unit for South-South Cooperation

Solid waste management Solid Waste Management in the Palestinian Municipalities, Birzeit University in Social Sciences Research Network

Solid waste management Solid Waste Management: Opportunities and Challenges in Jordan, Queen Rania Al Abdalla Center for Environmental Sciences & Technology Jordan University of Science & Technology

partnership Contractual Issues, Market Risks and Strategic Choices in Algerian PPP Seawater Desalination Projects, Mohamed Chohra, Cheng Hu, International Journal of Advances in Management Science 

Sub-Saharan Africa

hospital A hospital in Lesotho, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (video)

malaria control Malaria control in Mali, UNICEF

 water supply Nationwide Water and Power in Gabon, Special Unit for South-South Cooperation

hospital Hospital Co-location, Bloemfontein, South Africa, Special Unit for South-South Cooperation


partnership Resource Book on PPP Case Studies, European Commission

hospital Outpatient Dialysis Services in Romania, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (video)

wind power Public-Private Partnerships for Wind Power Generation: The Portuguese Case, Center of Urban and Regional Systems Technical University of Lisbon

hospital Public-Private Partnerships and Collaboration in the Health Sector An Overview with Case Studies from Recent European Experience, Irina A. Nikolic and Harald Maikisch, HNP World Bank

health care The search for low-cost integrated healthcare The Alzira model – from the region of Valencia, NHS European Office

tourism An introduction to theTourism PPP.The Turespaña experience, Spain Directorate of Tourism


hospital The New Royal Women’s Hospital —a public private partnership, Australia

Latin America

partnership Public-Private Partnerships in the Carribean - Building on Early Lessons, Carribean Development Bank

partnership Creating New Models Innovative Public-Private Partnerships for Inclusive Development in Latin America, World Economic Forum

 Rural Electrification in Guatemala, Special Unit for South-South Cooperation

Solid waste management Public-Private Partnerships as a Means to Consolidate Integrated Solid Waste Management Initiatives in Tourism Destinations: the Case of the Mexican Caribbean, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)

 partnership An Overview of the Brazilian Experience from a Stakeholder's point of view, Cesar Queiroz, Gaston Astesiano, Tomas Serebrisky, Inter American Development Bank

partnership Capacidades de Capacidades de Desarrollo y Sociedad civil en las villas de la ciudad Buenos Aires,  Séverine Deneulin, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

North America

hospital Public-private Partnerships in Canadian Healthcare - A Case Study of the Brampton Civic Hospital, David Barrows, H. Ian MacDonald, A. Bhanich Supapol, Olivia Dalton-Jez, Simone Harvey-Rioux, OECD Journal on Budgeting


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