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Once the contract is signed and the project reached financial close, construction, operation, management and monitoring start. Performance of the project should be properly monitored and necessaly actions shall be taken in accordance with the contract. 

After the Contract is signed

Contract Management

PDF file A Guide to Contract Management for PFI and PPP Projects
4Ps, United Kingdom

PDF file Managing PPPs during their contract life Guidance for sound management
European PPP Expertise Centre

PDF file Guidelines for Post- Award Contract Management for PPP Concessions
Government of India


PDF file Benchmarking period
World Bank

PDF file Contract Management Guide and MS Word document Contract management guide addendum (Word)
Victoria State Government, Austraria

PDF file A User Guide to Contract Management - Serving the Community By Using the Private Sector
Efficiency Unit, Hong Kong

PPP Manuals for Managing the PDF file PPP Agreement | PDF file Auditing PPPs 
National Treasury, South Africa
They also provide PPP mauals in other project phases:  Public Private Partnership Manual (Web site)

PDF file Approaches to Private Sector Participation in Water Services: A Toolkit 
World Bank

PDF file A Guidebook on Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure
United Nations Economic And Social Commission For Asia And The Pacific

PDF file The Guide to Guidance How to Prepare, Procure and Deliver PPP Projects
European PPP Expertise Centre

PDF file Guidelines for Monitoring of PPP Projects
Planning Commission, Government of India


PDF file PPP Policy Note: Early termination of contracts
HM Treasury, United Kingdom


Practical How-Tos

Operational Taskforce Notes(PDFs):
PDF file Benchmarking and Market Testing Guidance | PDF file Project Transition Guidance |  PDF file Variations Protocol for Operational Projects  | PDF file Contract Expiry Guidance 
HM Treasury, United Kingdom

PDF file Making Changes in Operational PFI Projects
National Audit Office, United Kingdom

 Improving PPPs using payment mechanisms (Web site)