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A good PPP project requires a well-designed PPP Programme. Legal and regulatory framework, institutional arrangement, approval process and others should be thoroughly designed. This section covers some sector-specific legal issues on unsolicited proposal and in major infrastructure sectors such as transport, energy, water and sanitation, solid waste management and health

Some material discuss on institutional framework such as establishment of PPP units and supporting facilities

Jump to: Legal and Reguratory Framework | Unsolicited Proposal | Sector-specific ( transport, energy, water and sanitation, solid waste management and health)  | PPP Unit | Supporting facilities
             Practical How-Tos  | Case studies, Examples and Reviews 

Legal and Reguratory Framework

PDF file Guidelines for Successful Public-Private Partnerships
European Commission

PDF file Legislative Guide on Privately Financed Infrastructure Projects
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

PDF file  A Note on Legal Frameworks for PPPs (Web site)
European Investment Bank

video Module 3: Creating a PPP Enabling Environment (Video: 20'23")
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Web site Legal Analysis on Public-Private Partnerships regarding Model PPP Rules (Website)
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

PDF file The legal framework for publicprivate partnerships (PPPs) and concessions in transition countries: evolution and trends 
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Microsoft Word document Circular PPP 3/03-Private Partnerships within local government (Word)
Department of Environment, Community and Local Government of Ireland

PDF file Principles for Public Governance of Public-Private Partnerships
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PDF file Core Principles for a Modern Concessions Law – selection and justification of principles
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

PDF file An Introductory Guide to Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Hong Kong Efficiency Unit

PDF file Civil Law Systems - Key Terms Implied by Law That Can Impact PPP Arrangements

Unsolicited Proposals

Microsoft Word document Guide to Manage an Unsolicited Proposal (Word)
Department of Treasury and Finance, State of Victoria, Australia

PDF file Unsolicited Proposals Guidelines
Southern African Development Community PPP Network

PDF file Unsolicited Proposals: Policy and Guidelines 
Department of Treasury and Finance, Tasmania


PDF file Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation - A Toolkit for Legislators
National Conference of State Legislatures, The Forum for America's Ideas

PDF file Key Performance Indicators in Public-Private Partnerships A State-of-the-Practice Report
International Technology Scanning Program

PDF file Transit public-private partnerships: legal issues
Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, 2014


PDF file Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Global Electricity Technology Deployment
UN Energy

PDF file Energy Technology Solutions Public-Private Partnerships Transforming Industry
US Department of Energy

PDF file Joint Public-Private Approaches for Energy Efficiency Finance Policies to scale-up private sector investment
International Energy Agency

PDF file Cities Investing in energy and resource efficiency
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Water and Sanitation

PDF file Public Private Partnerships in Municipal Solid Waste Management, Potential and Strategies
Athena Infonomics India Pvt.

PDF file Better practice in supplying water to the poor in global Public Private Partnerships

Julian Jacobs, Dr Richard Franceys

Solid waste management

PDF file Linking public and private action for sustainable waste management
Amandine Dukhan, Christel Bourbon-Séclet and Nathalie Yannic, Project Sector and Development

PDF file Private Sector Involvement in Solid Waste Management Avoiding Problems and Building on Successes
Adrian Coad, Collaborative Working Group on Solid Waste Management in Low- and Middle-income Countries

PDF file Partnerships for solid waste management in developing countries: linking theories to realities, Shafiul Azam Ahmeda , Mansoor Ali,Habitat International

PDF file Building deliberative public–private partnerships for waste management in Asia
Tim Forsyth, Geoforum

PDF file Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Solid Waste Management Literature Review of experiences from Developing Countries with special attention to Sri Lanka
Mohammed Niyas Fathima Muneera, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

PDF file Public Participation in Solid Waste Management in Small Island Developing States
Clairvair O. Squires, Carribean Development Bank

PDF file Public Private Partnership in Waste Management through IPLA: What does Private Sector Want? 
Environmental Engineering and Management Program Asian Institute of Technology Thailand

PDF file Guidelines on Private Sector Participation in Waste Management: A UNEP/IETC Initiative, Katharina Kummer Peiry, Senior Advisor International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC), UNEP


PDF file Health and Economic Analysis for an Evaluation of the PublicPrivate Partnerships in Health Care Delivery across Europe 
Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health, European Commission

PDF file Public-private Partnerships as a new way to deliver healthcare services
Jose Luis Navarro Espigares, Elisa Hernandez Torres

PDF file Guidebook on Public–Private Partnership in Hospital Management
Asian Development Bank

PDF file A Preliminary Reflection on the Best Practice in PPP Healthcare Sector: A Review of Different PPP Case Studies and Experiences

PDF file Health and Economics Analysis for an evaluation of the Public Private Partnerships in health care delivery across EU
EOPS Health Management, European Commission

PDF file Public Stewardship of Private Providers in Mixed Health Systems
Gina Lagomarsino, Stefan Nachuk Sapna, Singh Kundra, Rockefeller Foundation

PDF file Making partnerships work for health, focusing on low-income countries, The role of the private sector
KWF Development Bank

PDF file Designing Public-Private Partnerships in Health
Jeffrey Barnes, Abt Associates, USAid

PDF file Public–private partnerships for hospitals
Martin McKee,a Nigel Edwards,b & Rifat Atun, World Health Organisation

PDF file Working with Private Sector Providers for Better Health Care - An Introductory Guide
Elizabeth Smith, Ruairi Brugha and Anthony Zwi, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

PDF file Do PPP hospitals support long-term health service needs? 
Katie Wood, Arup

PPP Unit

Web site Establishing and Reforming PPP Units Analysis of EPEC Member PPP Units and lessons learnt
European PPP Expertise Centre

PDF file Selected Options for PPP Units
Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

PDF file Project Governance: a guidance note for public sector projects
HM Treasury, United Kingdom

PDF file Guidelines Institutional Mechanism for Monitoring of PPP Projects
Planning Commission Government of India

Supporting facilities

PDF file Infra Project Preparation - ICA Guide 2006
Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

PDF file Due Diligence Checklist for Legal and Institutional Enabling Environment for PPP


Practical How-tos

Web site Legal Framework/ Enabling Environment Assessment for PPPs (Website)
World Bank

PDF file Model Legislative Provisions on Privately Financed Infrastructure Projects
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law


Case Studies, Examples, Reviews

Guides for Local Governments

Uganda - PDF file Public Private Partnerships Guidelines for Local Governements
Ministry of Local Government of Republic of Uganda and United Nations Development Programme

Australia - PDF file NSW Public Private Partnership Guidelines
New South Wales Government Treasury 

National Frameworks

Web site Examples of PPP laws
World Bank


Europe - PPP Units and Related Institutional Framework (PDFs)
PDF file Croatia | PDF file France | PDF file Kosovo | PDF file Montenegro | PDF file Portugal | PDF file Serbia | United Kingdom - PDF file England -  PDF file Northern Ireland -  PDF file Scotland |
European PPP Expertise Centre 

PDF file The legal framework for publicprivate partnerships (PPPs) and concessions in transition countries: evolution and trends
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Africa - PDF file Evaluating the environment for public-private partnerships in Africa The 2015 Infrascope
 The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd and Asian Development Bank

Africa - PPP Country Paper (PDFs)
PDF file Botswana | PDF file Congo | PDF file Lesotho | PDF file Malawi | PDF file Mauritius | PDF file Mozambique | PDF file Namibia | PDF file Seychelles | PDF file South Africa | PDF file Tanzania | PDF file Swaziland | PDF file Zambia | PDF file Zimbabwe |
Southern African Development Community PPP Network


Latin America and Caribbean - PDF file Evaluating the environment for public-private partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean (PDF, English) 
América Latina y el Caribe - PDF file Evaluando el entorno para las asociaciones público-privadas en América Latina y el Caribe (PDF,Español)
Economist Intelligence Unit, Inter-American Development Bank and Multilateral Investment Fund

Microsoft Excel file Indicator Scores Map (Excel using Macro)
Multilateral Investment Fund

Asia and the Pacific

Asia-Pacific - PDF file Evaluating the environment for publicprivate partnerships in Asia-Pacific The 2014 Infrascope
 The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd and Asian Development Bank

Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

ASEAN - PDF file ASEAN PPP Guidelines
Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

India - PDF file Report of the Committee on Revising and Revitalising Public Private Partnership Model of Infrastructure
Department of Economic Affairs Ministry of Finance Government of India

PDF file Public-Private Partnerships: a focus on Energy Infrastructures and Green Investments
Isabella Alloisio, ICCG, FEEM and CMCC, International Centre for Climate Governance