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Detail project development is required to decide whether the project is "Go" or "No-Go" through PPP. Objective analysis of economic and financial viability and feasibility of the project shall be studied carefully, and necessary resources shall be allocated adequately.  

Developing a PPP Project

video Module 4: Risk Identification & Allocation (Vodeo: 13'13")
United Nations Economic And Social Commission For Asia And The Pacific

video Module 5: PPP Project Cycle (Video: 19'16")
United Nations Economic And Social Commission For Asia And The Pacific

PDF file A PPP Manual for Local Governments Units - Utilizing LGU PPP Project Templates and Bid Documents
PPP Center Philippines

PDF file Understanding Options for Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Sorting out the forest from the trees: BOT, DBFO, DCMF, concession, lease… 
Delmon Jeffrey, World Bank

PDF file P3 Business Case Development  Guide
PPP Canada

PDF file Public Sector Business Cases Using the five case model
HM Treasury

MS Word document Business Case template (Word)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

PDF file Guideline to Feasibility Studies
National Treasury, Republic of South Africa

PDF file Value for Money AssessmentReview of approaches and key concepts
European PPP Expertise Centre

PDF file Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of investment projects
European Union

PDF file Managing Contingent Liabilities in Public-Private Partnerships Practice in Australia, Chile, and South Africa
Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

PDF file Road Concession Toll Road Risk Matrix

Templates for PDF file ToR for Transaction Advisory Services | PDF file Feasibility Study Guideline 
Southern African Development Community PPP Network
They also provide templates for 
PDF file Request for Qualifications (RFQ) | PDF file Request for Proposals (RFP)  | PDF file Draft Concession Agreement | PDF file Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) 


Practical How-Tos

Value for Money

PDF file The Value for Money Analysis
National Council for PPP

PDF file Value for Money Assessment for Public-Private Partnerships: A Primer
US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

PDF file Guidance on measuring and maximising value for money in social transfer programmes – second edition Toolkit and explanatory text
Department for International Development

PDF file Value for Money Assessment Guidance
HM Treasury

PDF file Value for Money Measurement
Office of Government Commerce

PDF file Value-for-Money Analysis—Practices and Challenges: How Governments Choose When to Use PPP to Deliver Public Infrastructure and Services
World Bank Institute and Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

PDF file Qualitative Value-For-Money Guidance & Toolkit for Assessing PPP Projects in Developing Countries in Asia and the Pacific
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asian and the Pacific


Public Sector Comparator (PSC) 

PDF file Public Private Comparator manual
Government of Netherland

PDF file Public Sector Comparator manual
Government of Netherland

PDF file PPP Fiscal Risk Assessment Model
International Monetary Fund

PDF file Technical Note PSC Technical Note1
Partnerships Victoria, Austria

PDF file Technical Note public Sector Comparator Supplementary Technical note1
Partnerships Victoria, Austria

PDF file Advisory Note Disclosure Conflict of Interest
Partnerships Victoria, Austria

PDF file The Non-Financial Benefits of PPPs A Review of Concepts and Methodology
European PPP Expertise Centre