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In order to start developing a project, you need to identify the needs, select and prioritize projects, define objectives and output you would like to obtain from the project. You will also need to determine whether PPP is a suitable method of delivery, and which mode of PPP is most suited.  

Project Identification, Selection, Prioritization

PDF file Public-Private Partnership Handbook
Asian Development Bank

PDF file Selecting PPP Projects-Toolkit for PPPs in Roads and Highways
Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

PDF file Identification, Selection and Prioritization of PPP Projects
PPP Center Philippines

PDF file Prioritization of Infrastructure Projects: A Decision Support Framework
Marcelo et al., World Bank

wEBSITE Project Identification and PPP Screening (Web site)
APMG International, Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Multilateral Investment Fund

PDF file A PPP Manual for LGUs | 2 Developing PPP Projects for Local Government Units
PPP Center Philippines

PDF file Attracting Investors to African Public-Private Partnerships
​World Bank, Infrastructure Consortium for Africa

PDF file Main types of PPP
Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

Output Specification

PDF file Output Specification
Scottish Executive

PDF file Genral Guide to Writing Specifications
Suffolk County Council


Practical How-Tos and Tool kits

PDF file Partnerships Victoria Practioners Guide
Victoria State Government, Austraria

PDF file A Government Business Case Guide
Hong Kong Efficiency Unit

PDF file Tool Kit for Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Water Supply for the State of Maharashtra, India
Govrenment of India and Asian Development Bank

PDF file Strategic Planning in a Local Government Association (LGA)
VNG International, Netherland

PDF file Guide to Preparing a Strategic Management Plan
Local Government Associationof South Australia, Australia


Case Studies and References

Australia - PDF file Guidelines on the Procedures and Processes to be followed by Local Government in Public-Private Partnerships
Department of Local Government